Pariah State Embraces Ethnic Cleansing

December 6th, 2016


For decades, Israel has tried to convince the rest of the world that its intentions are peaceful. For decades, Israel has argued that it follows the rule of law. For decades, Israel has fought against the perception that many have that it is a pariah state. Now, all that is in the past. There is no pretense.

Israel by formally legalizing the illegal Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land has claimed an indelible mark in the history of ethnic cleansing. Racist Israelis, no doubt energized by the racist U.S. President Elect, Donald Trump, will want to think carefully before booking any holidays abroad. Outside of the United States, Israel has no friends.

Furthermore, this mindless aggression against the native Arabs will surely have consequences. Bin Laden named Israeli ethnic cleansing as one of his three motives for financing 9/11, and in his 2002 “letter to America” he stated, “The expansion of Israel is one of the greatest crimes, and you are the leaders of its criminals [Bush]”. If Israel doubles down on its racist agenda, the United States should expect additional terrorism as the price for supporting such racial injustice.

Zuckerberg’s Lies Elect Trump

November 16th, 2016


Sweaty Facebook minions have been staying up all night, feverishly deleting all of the “fake news” (previously known as “lies”) that CEO Mark Zuckerberg used to great success in getting Donald Trump elected President. Republicans in general and Trump in particular have proven especially adept at using outright lies to get their point across.

While publicly Zuckerberg rejects the “crazy idea” that his fake news swayed voters, in private he is clearly nervous that the sheer volume of outright lies being peddled for profit by his social media platform will leave him open to law suits. Both Facebook and Google say that they are developing new tools to reduce the ocean of lies that the interned is mired in. Maybe a tad late?

neo-Nazi in the White House!!!

November 15th, 2016


Many observers didn’t think things could get any worse after the citizens of the United States elected an intellectually-challenged, misogynistic, racist xenophobe to the highest office in the land. However, Donald Trump, and his malodorous, corpulent, poorly-hung, orange body still had more tricks up his sleeve.

Trump, who has been supported by the leader of the KKK, David Duke, has appointed a prominent white supremacist as his chief White House strategist. Steve Bannon, who currently heads Breitbart News, like his new boss is known for his racism and misogyny.

Examples of Breitbart headlines include: “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy”, “There is no Hiring Bias against Women in Tech. They just Suck at Interviews”, “Bill Kristol, Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew”, “Planned Parenhood’s Body Count under Cecile Richards is up to Half a Holocaust”.

Celtic 5 Be’er Sheva 4

August 26th, 2016


Glasgow Celtic football club produced a stunning display of teamwork on and off the field in order to eliminate their Israeli opposition. Over two legs, Celtic beat Be’er Sheva 5 to 4 and the Scottish fans made clear where their hearts were by flying hundreds of Palestinian flags at Glasgow’s Celtic Park. Israeli teams, despite Israel not being in Europe, attempt to qualify for the UEFA Champions League since no Middle Eastern country is willing to compete with the pariah state.

The display of solidarity with Palestine drew a rebuke from UEFA and charges are expected. Anticipating this, Celtic fans have raised more than £130,000 for Palestinian charities in an attempt to match the impending Uefa fine.

Performing in Israel is Supporting Apartheid

June 19th, 2016

israeli-apartheid Boycott-of-Israel-BDS

Bernie Sanders vs. The Neoliberals

May 16th, 2016


The Nakba: 68 Years of Israeli Ethnic Cleansing

May 16th, 2016


Welcome to Israel

March 27th, 2016


This is the video that the Israeli regime doesn’t want you to see. This is the video that shows a uniformed member of the Israeli army murdering a Palestinian civilian who has already been wounded and is lying defenceless on the ground.

The Israeli army supports the racist Jewish regime that all U.S. candidates (except perhaps Senator Bernie Sanders) clamour to offer unwavering support to. This is the horrid little country that could. A horrid little country built on hate and the suffering of the Palestinian people that American taxpayers support with billions of blood-soaked dollars.

Israel may represent a crystal ball into what a Donald Trump presidency might look like; policies and a populous characterised by unbounded state-driven bigotry. Maybe the reason that Donald Trump’s planned trip to Israel was cancelled earlier this year: bigots are uncomfortable looking at themselves in the mirror.

Bernie 2016

March 6th, 2016


Bernie 2016

February 21st, 2016


Bernie 2016!!!

January 30th, 2016


Netanyahu: tired Old Bigot has Lost the Plot

January 27th, 2016

Welcome to the insane, black is white and white is black mind of Benjamin Netanyahu. Welcome to a cross between Alice in Wonderland and George Orwell’s 1984. Welcome to a hatred-filled, cancerous void of Zionism where only Jews can do anything right, and only Jews can never do anything wrong.

When United Nation’s Secretary General Ban ki-Moon laments the bitter frustrations of the Palestinian nation, having endured 50 years of a brutal, racist, Jewish occupation, what is Netanyahu’s response? Terse. Predictable. Racist. Insane! Mr. Netanyahu said that the Secretary General is “…encouraging terror”. The Korean had dared to call the illegal Israeli settlement expansion “…an affront to the world“.

Never mind that Israeli Army forces routinely murder and torture Palestinian civilians with impunity. Never mind that Jewish occupiers in illegal West Bank settlements routinely attack Palestinians and destroy the property of Arab villagers. Never mind that the Israeli Army uses American Caterpillar bulldozers to murder innocent female protesters. Never mind that the Palestinian victims of Israeli oppression are fighting with their bare hands against the combined tyranny of Israel (the most powerful military force in the Middle East) supported by combined military and political apparatus of the United States. Never mind that we have on record the fact that Israel is the indisputable champion when it comes to fueling terror. We have on no less authority than Osama Bin Laden that the reason he orchestrated the attack on the World Trade Centre was in response to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. When it comes to fueling terror, one would have to say that Mr. Netanyahu is ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell rolled up as one.

Please die Mr. Netanyahu. The world needs less murderous hatred from tired old bigots like you. We need a lot more decent humanists like Ban Ki-moon.

AIRBNB Embraces Ethnic Cleansing

January 14th, 2016


Great news for all Zionists and other bigots. You can now rent out a lovely house in illegally occupied Palestine thanks to AirBNB. They have a number of charming and affordable guest houses built over the bones of murdered Palestinians. Don’t forget to tidy up when you leave, but don’t worry about cleaning out the filthy Arabs. AirBNB has already taken care of that. See the story in the Grauniad here.

Merci pour Augmenter la Terreur, Monsieur Hollande

November 14th, 2015

french-military-bombs-syriaPresident Obama has said that “America stands shoulder to shoulder with France“. However, this is precisely the root cause of the current problem for France. By bombing ISIS targets in Syria, France has just paid the price for standing “shoulder to shoulder” with the United States.

None of these events are isolated. There are no good guys and bad guys. There are only vengeful characters on both sides bent on blood and retribution and these characters don’t care at all about civilian casualties on the other side. There is no doubt that Obama has killed more innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Syria than any demented group of Muslim terrorists, yet only murderous Muslims are “the devil“.

The appropriate response to a growing jihadist empire fueled by conflict with the West is to end the provocation. Chelsea Manning made this exact point in September of 2014…

“How to make ISIS fall on it’s own sword: Degrade and destroy? The west should try to disrupt the canny militants into self-destruction, because bombs will only backfire”

Obama, Cameron and Hollande would have been wise to listen to Ms. Manning instead of pursuing the tired, counter-productive policies of Bush and Blair.

Israel: “We will Gas you until you Die”

November 5th, 2015


The shocking state-sponsored rhetoric of hate from Israel has shown no sign of slowing down under the Netanyahu’s tenure as Prime Minister. In fact, things are deteriorating for ordinary Palestinians as attacks against them increase and a third inifadta looks ever more likely.

To illustrate how overt Israeli racism is today, these are the words of an Israeli policeman shouting at Palestinian refugees

“People of Aida refugee camp we are the occupation army. You throw stones and we will hit you with gas until you all die. The children, the youth, the old people, you will all die, we won’t leave any of you alive. And we have arrested one of you, he is with us now. We took him from his home and we will slaughter and kill him while you are watching if you keep throwing stones. Go home or we will gas you until you die. Your families, your children, everyone we will kill you. Listen to me, all of you go home, it’s better for you.”


Israel Shows its True Colours

July 30th, 2015


A homophobic Israeli ran amok with a knife at a Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem and stabbed 6 people. “Ultra Orthodox” nutters are very common in Israel where they blend in quite well with all the other haters and homophobes and xenophobes and Islamaphobes and misogynists. In fact, Israeli society is so narrow that if you are not a died-in-the-wool peace-hating, Arab-hating, Persia-hating, gentile-hating, Congressional-money-grabbing, nutcase you are quite likely to get sent to a mental institution.

Hillary Supports Apartheid Israeli Regime

July 9th, 2015


Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic contender for the White House has gone on the record as a supporter of Zionism. She tacitly admitted that the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement is having a massive worldwide impact on the Arab-hating regime in Israel.

Clinton stated that, “the BDS campaign is counterproductive to the pursuit of peace and harmful to Israelis and Palestinians alike” and pledged to mount a bipartisan effort “to fight back against further attempts to isolate and delegitimize Israel”.

The reality, of course, is that it is solely the United States Government that is harmful to the past, present, and future aspirations of Palestinians. Successive American Presidents have been bribed by AIPAC dollars, including her cigar-inserting husband, Bill Clinton. Successive American Governments have encouraged Israel to steal, kill, and segregate.

Any presidential candidate who does not explicitly condemn the ethnic-cleansing activities of the Israeli Government does not deserve to get one minute of sleep, let alone receive a single vote.

Banksy makes Gaza Film

April 4th, 2015


British graffiti artist, Banksy, is making a new film about street art in Gaza. The captive Arab community in Gaza have been repeatedly attacked and murdered by invading Israeli armies. Most recently, Israel led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, murdered 2200 civilians in Gaza in 2014 including 513 children.

UK Bans Iraeli Advertisement

March 6th, 2015


The UK advertising watchdog has banned an Israeli tourism advert for “Israel Land of Creation” for incorrectly suggesting that the Old City of Jerusalem is part of Israel when it is actually part of occupied Palestine.

Bibi’s Big Adventure

March 5th, 2015

War Criminal Visits Washington

March 4th, 2015


The anti-Arab war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu, gave a speech to fellow Zionists in the American capital today. The Israeli Prime Minister is in town to preach hatred towards non-Jews in general, and Iran in particular.

Netanyahu spoke of the “unbridled aggression of the Israeli people” and how Israel will continue to defy international inspectors and the United Nations with regard to its illegal nuclear program. Israel. Thanks to the heroic whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu, Israel is known to have an nuclear enrichment facility in Dimona and ten years ago was estimated to have a secret nuclear arsenal of between 75 and 400 warheads.

There are many reasons why the world should be fearful of a nuclear Israel. They are a nation who have enshrined racism into their laws and who are probably the most hostile nation in the world. Israel attacks its Arab neighbours routinely with overwhelmingly disparate force. The United States, long troubled by accusations of racism, is untroubled by the aggression of its little Zionist progeny and instead tries to shift attention to Muslim nations like Iran who don’t even have nuclear capability.

Putin’s Murderous Rampage Continues

March 2nd, 2015


Boris Nemtsov, has disappeared in one of the two ways in which all Putin opponents disappear. They are either locked up or murdered. Litvinenko was poisoned with polonium in London. Khodorowsky was imprisoned on trumped up charges. Alexei Navelny was accused of embezzlement. When Putin’s puppet leader in Kiev was thrown out by a popular uprising, Putin annexed Crimea, invaded eastern Ukraine and shot down a Malaysian airliner. No wonder that Russian politicians and residents of eastern Europe are scared. Many fellow psychopaths must be envious of Putin’s KGB background and cold hard stare.

In Nemtsov’s recent words, “Putin is very dangerous. He is more dangerous than the Soviets were. In the Soviet Union, there was at least a system, and decisions were taken by the politburo. Decisions about war, decisions to kill people, were not taken by Brezhnev alone, or by Andropov either, but that’s how it works now.”

Bibi Arrives in Washington for Big Speech

March 1st, 2015


Israel = Terror

February 2nd, 2015


Putin Murdered Litvinenko on Third Attempt

January 27th, 2015

Russian, diminutive, narcissist, napoleon, hitler, shrimp, khuilo, corrupt, cuntThe insecure, diminutive, narcissist, Vladimir Putin, apparently cocked up his first two attempts at killing Russian dissident, Alexander Litvinenko.

Litvinenko was a refugee in London when the Russian khuylo was finally able to arrange his murder using radioactive Polonium 210 in 2006.

A public inquiry into his assassination opens in London on Tuesday.

Je Suis Charlie

January 11th, 2015

François Hollande on Paris march

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke briefly to reporters prior to flying to Paris to join a mass demonstration in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack. Mr. Netanyahu emphatically stated that he would, “…welcome European Jews with open arms“. Asked whether he felt personally responsible for the murders in Paris, he mumbled something about eggs and omelettes, and then went into more detail about how successful Israel’s scheming had been…

  1. We created a holocaust in Palestine. We practice ethnic cleansing in the West Bank and we encouraged Bush and Blair to wage a religious crusade in the Middle East.
  2. This, naturally, caused a worldwide asymmetric response from Muslims from many different factions. Tens of thousands of Jihadists were created overnight as a direct response to our systemic racism.
  3. Now, we can pretend to be horrified that the Muslims dare to resist, and we can act as saviours to the poor downtrodden Jews by offering them homes in the West Bank.
  4. This brilliantly exacerbates the problems caused by step 1, and we are still able to convince the religious right (nutters) in America that we are the victims and continue to receive billions of dollars from ignorant American tax payers.

“Isn’t Zionism a wonderful thing!”

New York Police Declare War on Protesters

December 21st, 2014


Taking a page out of Israel’s book, the New York Police Department Union (President Patrick Lynch) has said that they are now a “wartime” police department. Mr Lynch said this in reaction to the murder of two policemen in New York. They were apparently killed by a nutter who was angry about the lack of justice for unarmed black victims of police shootings.

This has more than echoes of the creative logic of the equally racist Zionists in Israel. The police are blaming the protesters for the violence! Let’s be absolutely clear about this. The anti-police protests across America are in reaction to trigger-happy racists in many police departments.

Similarly, all violence by Arabs in Palestine is in reaction to the 1948 invasion and subsequent occupation of Palestine by racist American-funded Zionists. Yet, self-righteous Israelis continually blame their victims for any violence. This is the same psycho-logic that Hitler used against the Jews: I hate my victim; I blame my victim; I feel that my victim is inferior to me; I can feel good about killing my victim; they were asking for it.

The New York Police Department, by declaring that two of its own were “assassinated” and by ridiculing the “I can’t breathe” and “Hands up. Don’t shoot” protests, is clearly sending the message that black lives don’t matter but policemen’s lives do.

United States Hearing Aid Finally Kicks in!

December 20th, 2014

cuba-embargo-54-years-cartoon-1024x775For 23 years in a row, the United Nations has passed a resolution imploring the United States to end its mindless, counter-productive embargo on Cuba. For 23 years the United States has turned a deaf ear to the United Nations. Just like Israeli ethnic cleansing, “American exceptionalism” is alive and well. The United States started boycotting in 1960!!! President Obama was not alive in 1960, yet for 6 consecutive years he has approved a continuation of the embargo that has so far cost the Cubans losses of more than US $1 trillion!

Finally, President Obama has seen the light and has indicated an end to the meaningless, spiteful embargo. After a series of talks with Cuban President, Raul Castro, the United States is willing, without admitting any error obviously, to reopen its embassy in Havana, and possibly, with approval from Congress, to end the pointless embargo.

Palestine 498 : Israel 88

December 18th, 2014

anti-zionism-is-not-anti-semitismThe European Union has given overwhelming backing to an independent Palestinian state despite the shrill whining of the frantic Zionist lobby. 

A succession of Israeli Prime Ministers have illustrated by their actions that Israel has no intention of ever negotiating a two state solution. Thus, Europe and the vast majority of countries around the world have instead decided to support the creation of an independent Palestinian State where Arabs can live freely without constant threats of Israeli terror.

Israel has essentially painted itself into a corner with its unabated assaults on human rights in Gaza and the West Bank. Even staunch Jewish defenders of Israel don’t know where to hide themselves when Netanyahu illustrates the true murderous hatred of the Israeli people. As recently as 2014, he executed 519 children and more than 2000 civilians during an assault on refugee camps in Gaza.

Hamas 1 : Netanyahu Gang 0

December 17th, 2014

palestinians-celebratePalestine is celebrating after a momentous victory in the European courts. The organization has been removed from the EU list of terrorist organizations.

Naturally, the struggle to find a replacement for Hamas on the terrorist list will be extremely competitive. Currently, British bookie William Hill have the murderous Netanyahu Gang as slight favourites. Over the past few years the Netanyahu Gang have terrorized captive Arab populations in Palestine. In 2014 alone, Netanyahu terrorists attacking Gaza with American weaponry murdered 519 children because they didn’t subscribe to the same tired, backwards-looking religion that Netanyahu mandates.

Cheney Enjoys Rectal Feeding

December 15th, 2014

cheney-hummus-yumThe former Vice President of Torture, “Dick” Cheney, still insists that all the (illegal and counter-productive) torture conducted in his name is not torture.

The hate-filled, short-sighted, follically-challenged Republican insists that rectally feeding victims hummus and nuts is a common mode of enhancing the love connection between amorous Neocons. In fact, Cheney insists that he spent many long evenings with his boss, President George W. Bush, lovingly giving each other hummus enemas. Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush apparently used to wax each others anus before having a late night anal snack of hummus and nuts.

In this video from Meet the Press, Mr. Cheney declares that the Bush/Cheney rectal feeding programme was not torture but an effective medical technique unique to Guantanamo. So, next time that you are feeling a bit poorly, try taking that Starbucks latte rectally. Coming down with the flu? Stick a bunch of loganberries up your bum! You’ll feel wonderful in no time. Thanks Dick!

The Biggest Lie in History

December 6th, 2014



Canadians Boycott Israel

December 5th, 2014



The international movement to boycott the racist state of Israel is gathering speed. Educational institutions have been at the forefront of the campaign to make Israel pay for the oppression, atrocities and genocide against the Palestinian people. Concordia University in Montreal is the latest University to vote in favour of an Israeli boycott.



One of the many British musicians that has spoken out against Israel is Brian Eno. This summer, he outlined the Zionist strategy to a large crowd in Trafalgar Square…

“What we’re seeing in Gaza is an experiment in provocation conducted by the Israeli government. You take one and a half million people, you stuff them into a small space, you deny them food, water, sanitation, medicine, and then act surprised when they get hostile. But you want that hostility, because that’s the cue for you to act the victim. Israel is pretending to be a victim in a situation in which they are the oppressor.

U.S. Drone Strikes: as much as 3.6% Accurate!

November 24th, 2014

drone-strikesThe human rights group Reprieve has helped to shed a little light on Obama’s brilliant strategy of dropping very expensive bombs on very poor Muslims from a very long way away.

It turns out that these American drone strikes are much, much more accurate than many innocent victims would have us believe. Just because there have been several strikes during wedding celebrations and just because America has a history of attacking embassies and hospitals, doesn’t mean that all strikes kill innocent victims.

In fact, Reprieve estimates that out of the 41 men targeted for assassination, only 1,147 were actually killed. This indicates a success rate of almost 3.6%. Something we can all celebrate!

Vote YES on the 18th of September!

September 12th, 2014


Vote YES on the 18th of September!

September 11th, 2014


Vote YES on the 18th of September

September 10th, 2014


Vote YES on the 18th of September

September 9th, 2014


Vote YES on the 18th of September

September 8th, 2014


Vote YES on the 18th of September

September 7th, 2014


Israel Has No Place in UEFA

August 27th, 2014


Israel’s membership of UEFA is coming under increasing scrutiny as it continues its relentless bombing campaign in Gaza. The total number of victims of Israeli aggression is now more than 2000, most of whom (80%) are innocent civilians.  Israel, supported passionately by the United States, has a long history of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Palestinians.

UEFA should kick Israel out for 2 good reasons

  1. Israel is not geographically in Europe. Because of their racism and aggression they are not welcome to play in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). However, this should not entitle them to play in Europe. Since when has racism been rewarded.
  2. UEFA has statutes against racism that it is willfully ignoring. Article 14 of UEFA’s disciplinary regulations state that…

    Any person under the scope of Article 3 who insults the human dignity of a person or group of persons by whatever means, including on the grounds of skin colour, race, religion or ethnic origin, incurs a suspension lasting at least ten matches or a specified period of time, or any other appropriate sanction.

Since Israel has murdered over 2000 Palestinians, maybe it’s time that UEFA take a look at their rulebook and throw the bigots out.


Israelis Proud to be Racists

August 26th, 2014


Ordinary, mainstream Israelis are racists, is the unsurprising conclusion of a study by sociologists, Idan Yaron and Yoram Harpaz. Their book, “Scenes from School Life”, is based on 3 years of anthopological observations of high school students in the Israeli heartland. 

The following quote from the book is printed in Haaretz

“For me, personally, Arabs are something I can’t look at and can’t stand,” a 10th-grade girl from a high school in the central part of the country says in abominable Hebrew. “I am tremendously racist. I come from a racist home. If I get the chance in the army to shoot one of them, I won’t think twice. I’m ready to kill someone with my hands, and it’s an Arab. In my education I learned that … their education is to be terrorists, and there is no belief in them. I live in an area of Arabs, and every day I see these Ishmaelites, who pass by the [bus] station and whistle. I wish them death.”


ISIS and Israel – Is there any Difference?

August 26th, 2014



No End in Sight for Shameful Israeli Terror Strikes

August 25th, 2014



WW2 Holocaust Survivors Condemn Israeli Genocide

August 24th, 2014

child-holocaust-survivorsMore than 300 descendents of the holocaust that occurred during World War II have condemned Israel for its genocidal actions against the captive population of Gaza. The letter reads as follows:

Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors and victims of Nazi genocide unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza

As Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors and victims of the Nazi genocide we unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the ongoing occupation and colonization of historic Palestine. We further condemn the United States for providing Israel with the funding to carry out the attack, and Western states more generally for using their diplomatic muscle to protect Israel from condemnation. Genocide begins with the silence of the world.

We are alarmed by the extreme, racist dehumanization of Palestinians in Israeli society, which has reached a fever-pitch. In Israel, politicians and pundits in The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post have called openly for genocide of Palestinians and right-wing Israelis are adopting Neo-Nazi insignia.

Furthermore, we are disgusted and outraged by Elie Wiesel’s abuse of our history in these pages to justify the unjustifiable: Israel’s wholesale effort to destroy Gaza and the murder of more than 2,000 Palestinians, including many hundreds of children. Nothing can justify bombing UN shelters, homes, hospitals and universities. Nothing can justify depriving people of electricity and water.

We must raise our collective voices and use our collective power to bring about an end to all forms of racism, including the ongoing genocide of Palestinian people. We call for an immediate end to the siege against and blockade of Gaza. We call for the full economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel. “Never again” must mean NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE!



Israeli Soldiers Murder Children for Sport

August 24th, 2014



Yes.. We Can!

August 23rd, 2014



Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom

August 19th, 2014

sad-obamaPresident Barack Obama is being called hypocritical for using archaic, First World War laws to persecute some reporters when it suits him, and then vilify others for restricting the press freedom that is an “American value”. With regard to the two reporters who were bundled into a police van for doing their job in Ferguson, Missouri, Mr. Obama said,…

“Let me also be clear that our constitutional rights to speak freely, to assemble, and to report in the press must be vigilantly safeguarded”

Yet Barack Obama continues to push the Bush administration policy of using the 1917 Espionage Act to silence reporters and whistleblowers that draw attention to failed or illegal Government operations. James Risen is being persecuted by Obama for failing to divulge his source for his reporting of a botched intelligence operation that ended up spilling nuclear secrets to Iran. Mr. Risen, who has broken no law, told the Guardian,…

“It’s hypocritical. A lot of people still think this is some kind of game or signal or spin. They don’t want to believe that Obama wants to crack down on the press and whistleblowers. But he does. He’s the greatest enemy to press freedom in a generation.


Brave Dutchman Returns Holocaust Medal

August 18th, 2014

Israel - Gaza conflict

A 91 year old Dutchman, who earned a “Holocaust Medal” from Israel by protecting a Jewish child during World War II, has returned the medal to the Israeli embassy in the Hague. Mr. Henk Zanoli said he could no longer hold the honour after an American-Israeli F-16 destroyed the home of his grand-niece in Gaza killing all civilians inside including 6 of his extended family.

Israel unleashed its holocaust on Gaza as part of a prolonged campaign of genocide against the Palestinian people.


Growing Global Protest against Israeli Products

August 17th, 2014


Growing public anger against the genocide in Gaza is seeing protests around the world against Israeli products. With material help and passionate support from U.S. President, Barack Obama, the Zionist have murdered more than 400 children in their latest offensive against their captive Arab victims in Gaza.  The latest protests near Birmingham, England, saw angry pro-Palestinian activists throw Israeli products on the floor of a Tesco supermarket in Hodge Hill.

If you want to join the growing global boycott of the Israeli regime, there are numerous websites that provide helpful details…

Note that the 729 barcode is a simple tool for recognizing Israeli products.